Deconstructs Biofilm, Destroys Bacteria
and Defends against Reinfection

BlastX breaks down biofilm and promotes fast wound healing

The patented non-toxic XBIO® technology deconstructs the structure of the biofilm by removing the metal ions that hold the extracellular polymeric substance (EPS) together. This exposes the bacteria within the biofilm, making them more vulnerable to the active ingredients.

Bacteria and Bacterial Biofilms

Biofilms are powerful communities of bacteria that function as a single entity with behaviours and defences that can produce chronic and recurrent infections. Bacteria in a wound bed are either free floating (10%) or are in a biofilm matrix structure (90%).

Defends against Reinfection

The pH of the hydrogel in the wound bed defends against the reattachment of the bacteria and biofilm to the skin, thus preventing reinfection.

BlastX promotes moist wound healing

A moist wound environment prevents dehydration, enhances angiogenesis and collagen synthesis, increasing breakdown of dead tissue and fibrin. This promotes healing and reduces scarring.

XBIO® Technology is effective against:
• gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
• aerobic and anaerobic bacteria
• sessile, planktonic and persister bacteria

BlastX® is a new innovation for the management of wounds. XBIO® technology takes an innovative approach to solving the problem of bacterial biofilms, combining broad spectrum efficacy and reducing the recurrent of infection.